Norton Plastics Machinery Ltd

Food Contact Approved Recycling. 
With highly efficient decontamination BEFORE the extrusion process.

Different requirements call for different solutions. Modular solutions which are configured exactly for your particular application. VACUREMA® gives you this flexibility in impressive style. With this patented process you can count on the best established and most used technology for the recycling of post consumer PET bottle flakes, PET in-house waste and also PE-HD bottle flakes.


There are currently more than 150 VACUREMA® systems in use around the world, producing high-quality pellets and end products with an overall capacity of over 1 million tonnes. A wealth of experience which guarantees you maximum operational reliability of your system with flexibility in the application at the same time. In the form of a turnkey recycling solution which is customised for the requirements of your end product. One that also runs with the lowest possible energy and production costs.