Norton Plastics Machinery Ltd

Highly efficient edge trim recycling

The INTAREMA® K gives 100 %. Because it turns your edge trim waste efficiently and cautiously into high quality, clean pellets which you can reuse in their entirety in your production process. This means you not only save considerable raw material and disposal costs, you also benefit from a rapid return on investment.


Fully automatic

  • Automatic feeding of edge trim direct via pipes and cyclone
  • Maximum flexibility: you can choose between a combination of feeding types via cyclone, roll feeder and conveyor belt for loose waste
  • Automatic throughput adjustment:
    • Whether you have a lot or only some edge trim at the time – the fully automatic control system constantly adjusts throughput to the current amount of edge trim
    • If no edge trim at all comes from the main line, the system automatically switches over to standby mode until new material arrives
  • Minimum labour required thanks to fully automatic operation